Our employee education programs are​ ​built by global leaders with decades of military, federal government, and intelligence agency experience. Our team knows the importance of mitigating risk and knowing how to respond in a crisis. In collaboration with Greylake Training Solutions, a group of e-training specialists with distinguished backgrounds in behavioral psychology, self defense training, and learning and development, we have designed a program comprised of expert knowledge to make learning more efficient and accessible.


  • Founder of Greylake Training Solutions
  • Advisor to the United Nations on security training initiatives

“I have had the privilege of training thousands of people from every corner of the globe. My love is for creating innovative and valuable learning experiences alongside my dedication to promoting confidence, so people feel safe is reflected in my work.”

Dale Buckner

  • Global Guardian CEO and President
  • 24 Year US Army Veteran, Colonel (Retired)

“The expertise and resources Global Academy offers our clients is an invaluable tool in preparing and safeguarding them against the unknown.”


  • M.D. and Master of Public Health degrees
  • Emergency Department Physician for 24+ years

“Global Academy has built an online education program of the highest caliber and has made it accessible, engaging, and transformative. Not only do these courses change lives - but they can ultimately save them.”

Our Process

At Global Guardian Academy, we have created programs that address the unique needs of each organization, individual or family. Through research and collaboration with industry leaders and experts, Global Guardian Academy offers the most relevant, authentic and timely perspectives in personal safety.


To best serve our corporate clients, we prioritize getting to know you and your audience, and understanding the values and motivations that drive your corporate culture and objectives. As we align your objectives to outcomes, we work closely with you to create learning activities that gain attention, build connections and increase confidence in your learners. Together, we will build the perfect learning program you are proud to showcase at your organization.


For individuals and families, we have designed curriculum and learning content that educates, inspires, and challenges conventional wisdom and will transform your perceptions about safety and security. We are constantly evaluating and evolving our content to reflect current global issues and address topics that are most important to you.

Get In Touch

Global Guardian Academy serves a wide range of clients, including individuals, families, and companies. Contact our team to ask a question or learn more about our e-learning and business continuity offerings. We look forward to working with you.