• What is e-learning and how does it differ from traditional training courses?

    E-learning, or electronic learning is a learning experience delivered via a computer or mobile device. It differs from instructor led learning in that it is more flexible, scalable, less expensive and allows for consistent learning across a global audience.

  • What makes e-learning courses effective?

    E-learning can be highly effective when the instructional design promotes critical thinking, reflection, interaction and is relevant and practical for the learner. E-learning is more effective when it’s combined with other opportunities to learn such as webinars, toolkits, social learning and events.

  • How much time does each course take to complete?

    Global Guardian Academy courses range from 20 to 45 minutes depending on the subject. Each module is broken down into sections and lessons to help you quickly move through the learning content while still absorbing key messages and applying decision making skills to test your application of what you’ve learned.

  • Can you leave the course midway and come back later to finish?

    Yes, Global Guardian Academy will let you resume where you left off when you step away from the course.

Complimentary Courses

  • What classes do I get access through our company’s duty of care program with Global Guardian?

    All Global Guardian members get access to our cornerstone courses on Travel Security and Travel Health Awareness. These courses help clients make the most of their membership by learning how to utilize Global Guardian’s 24/7 Operations Center, Mobile Application, and security resources.

  • What if I want to take additional courses other than the International Travel Safety and Travel Health course?

    Additional courses on a variety of topics are available to purchase online. While courses can be purchased directly by individuals, Global Guardian can also provide scaled enterprise team pricing for companies to offer all their employees.

  • My organization wants to build something unique to our employee base. Can Global Guardian Academy help build this?

    Yes, we offer customized courses that adhere to your business needs, audience, brand and culture. Our team of security professionals and instructional and graphic designers will work directly with your team to help construct a curriculum and visual storyboard for key stakeholders to review and refine from start to finish.

  • How much does a custom Global Guardian Academy course cost?

    Costs for custom courses vary depending on the length of the course. Generally, they begin at $12,000 and up.

  • How long do I have access to the courses?

    You’ll have access to the Academy courses for 1 year from purchase. If we host a private customized course for you on the Academy or for your own LMS, you’ll have access to it indefinitely.

  • How many employees have complimentary enrollment to the Travel Security Awareness and Travel Health Awareness courses?

    The Travel Security Awareness Training and the Travel Health Awareness training are included with a Global Guardian Duty of Care Membership. To best prepare our clients for safe travel and how to utilize Global Guardian’s 24/7 Operations Center, courses are open and available all members and employees.


  • What is an LMS (Learning Management System)?

    A LMS or learning management system is a software application that can administer, track, report on and deliver educational content.

  • If we do not have an LMS, do we need to have our own to purchase courses?

    Global Guardian Academy can host your corporate customized content privately and exclusively on our LMS if you do not have one.

  • Who can I reach out to if I am having technical issues?

    [email protected]

  • What email should I use to register for the courses?

    Whichever email is most convenient. If you are registering to take this course for your company, you should use your company email. Each individual will set up their own user ID and password.

  • What if I forget my password?

    Individuals can reset their own password using the link in their welcome email or through the main login page.

  • Do employees receive a certification of completion for each course they take?

    Employees will receive a certificate of completion from Global Guardian Academy after they complete certain courses.

  • How do I check who has completed the courses?

    If desired, Global Guardian can send you a monthly completion report.