The COVID-19 pandemic has upended our lives in unimaginable ways and changed the landscape of work forever. Many of us are feeling high-levels of stress, uncertainty and anxiety and being mentally prepared and knowing what to expect is critical to reducing doubt, worry, and uneasiness, allowing us to have a sense of agency and control. This bundled course consists of two COVID-19 related courses that will help you feel more confident and prepared by exploring questions and guidance you might have not previously considered. Returning to an entirely new work environment, adjusting to the ‘new normal,’ and learning to live in this new world requires knowledge, confidence, and preparedness. These two courses, 'Personal Preparedness and Resilience’ and ‘Working Safely During COVID-19’ will give you the skills to shift you to a more positive mindset and help you feel more in control.


Established as leaders in the security and online training solution space, Global Guardian and Greylake Training Solutions have partnered to launch Global Guardian Academy. With backgrounds in military special operations, federal law enforcement, psychology, and learning and development, Global Guardian Academy is a safety-focused e-learning service to offer customizable programs in personal and corporate safety.


Global Guardian Academy serves a wide range of clients, including individuals, families, and companies. Contact our team to ask a question or learn more about our e-learning and business continuity offerings. We look forward to working with you.